Deadman’s Chase by Ian Fletcher


Deadman’s Chase by Ian Fletcher


December 5, 2016

207 pages

Today is the début of British historian and battlefield tour operator and guide Ian Fletcher’s newest book. Deadman’s Chase, however, is Fletcher’s first work of fiction, spun by the author in his own unique style following the adventures of Matt Deadman, security detail extraordinaire. In the first of four books in a series, Deadman’s Chase leads the reader and Matt Deadman in pursuit of a scientist who has made a life-altering product for his company. The London-based scientist, Peter Carrington, goes missing along with his childhood friend from Russia, Yuri Kravchenko, and Deadman is tasked by the company to find Carrington as quickly as possible. The pursuit of the two gentlemen leads Deadman to Belarus, Russia, and the Crimea, and the adventures don’t slow down. Deadman meets a beautiful Russian agent and encounters a Russian mobster. Will Deadman find Carrington and Kravchenko? 

I’m not officially going to “review” Deadman’s Chase, just promote, as I did preview the novel for Mr. Fletcher and made some suggestions. I don’t think I could give an unpartial review. Mr. Fletcher has two more completed Deadman novels waiting in the wings and is working on a fourth. Perhaps I will officially review one or more of the others.


–author Ian Fletcher

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