Exploring Waterloo

Thanks to my friends Ian Fletcher and Kristine Hughes Patrone, I had my own private tour of Waterloo from an author and battlefield expert as well as a Duke of Wellington expert. What an awesome 2 days!

“La Belle Alliance” is the farmhouse and buildings where Wellington met Blucher (the Prussian general), who was late arriving at Waterloo and helped save the day, hence the term . . . The building is now feet from the highway and the old plaque in still above the door.

Scenes of the battle field and the only memorial to Wellington and his men in the area: 

From the top of the Lion’s Mound–looking up, looking down.
Overlooking the Panorama and restaurant and around the mound:

We did a night walk around the Lion and it was great fun. The moon was beautiful (not pictured as those shots are terrible on a mobile phone). A few glimpses of the Lion:

We went to Wellington’s Headquarters in the village of Waterloo. The wax Wellington at this location looks amazingly like actor Hugh Fraser, whom I spotlighted in the AtoZChallenge this year:

On to Hougoumont Farm (the site of the death of Riflemen Harris and Hagman in Sharpe, sob):

More of the important gate that was held and of the chapel on the farm:Perhaps my favorite picture I took on the trip to Waterloo:

Our intrepid guide, battlefield expert Ian Fletcher–he is also the world’s best Tottenham Hotspurs fan! Also I included a shot inside the Panorama, another wax Wellington, and the entrance to the underground visitors center. The center was extraordinary and we watched a 4-D film on the battle. Superbe!

A shot of the city of Genappe where Napoleon’s headquarters were located. I am not that into L’ Empereur so not too many pics of his sites.

–Above is also a shot in the channel tunnel on the car train. 

Below are some more fun shots . . . Adieu to Waterloo. I hope to return someday. The Belgian countryside is stunning.

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  1. hilarymb
    June 15, 2017 at 3:05 AM

    Hi Denise – wonderful weather days you had …make the fields look so wonderful – you’re right .. lovely countryside. So glad you had such a happy time and were able to see so much with experienced, serious ‘interpreters’ of the importance of Waterloo. Lovely photos and a night walk .. must have been so much fun … so glad you had such a happy time … cheers Hilary

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