Exploring The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection is at Hertford House in Manchester Square at the end of Duke Street. The square is just a few blocks from the Bond Street tube station. Kristine and I had to cross Wigmore Street on our way to The Wallace Collection. Wigmore Street was the scene of the theft of Kristine’s phone via motorcycle in her previous visit–which actually ended up being a good thing, as far as phones are concerned. Anyhow, remember The Duchess of Duke Street? Hertford House took up almost one side of the square. Kristine had heard about Hertford House and read that it was an old house filled with important antiques and paintings. Well, we were surprised and how huge the place was and the quality of the collection. Really, it was a bloody museum filled with Rembrandts and Canalettos and huge rooms of armor–even a huge, to-scale horse with armor was in the house. So enjoy the follow pictures I snapped:

Some of the paintings and art I liked the best is shown below. The Turkish tile work behind the angel statue was amazing. Each room was decorated with a different color theme and some of the rooms had fabric on the walls. The painting directly below on the right is called The Laughing Cavalier by Franz Hals (1624). I barely got this picture as others were taken extensive pictures of him for a very long time. We felt like we were in the Louvre or somewhere in some of the huge galleries. There was even a room of Rubens . . .

Going clockwise below is a painting of the Earl of Dudley, Queen Victoria at a young age, and a Velàzquez of a woman:

Some of the rooms had gold moulding, below left on the bottom is a painting by Marie-Antoinette’s personal portraitist (this picture is not Marie-Antoinette). And what’s not to like about a guitarist?

The middle right picture was part of a beautiful side table and the paintings are also from the Canaletto room:

Some of the armor in the collection:

To the side of the stairs in the main foyer is a picture of Gurwood and the Duke of Wellington (affectionately known to Kristine as “Artie.”

A personal favorite picture of the sun playing with the grating on the east side of the building . . .

A painting similar to the one in the V and A Museum I highlighted in an earlier post is shown below. After a little research, I found out that both paintings are by Pieter Neefs the Elder and were done about 8 years apart (1640 and 1648). Both are titled Interior of Antwerp Cathedral. 

Many decorative pieces were in the galleries (rooms in the mansion): 





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  1. hilarymb
    June 19, 2017 at 2:27 AM

    Hi Denise … I’ve never been round the collection as such … I went in 2013 to see a specific exhibition they’d put on about the Westminster Treasure … there’s a note on the Wallace Collection site on it. I can’t take in all the exhibits on display and prefer going to one small exhibition at a time … it was amazing to see.

    Love your photos of the outside, the collection items themselves …looks like you had an amazingly interesting time -and saw Wellington again … wonderful memories for you … cheers Hilary

    • June 19, 2017 at 8:18 AM

      Hilary, I had never even heard of this collection . . . You could always just do a wing at a time. The upstairs has 4 major wings on each side of the house. It was overwhelming to say the least. The armor was amazing. I just posted a small bit of that! Where we go, there is always Artie or some Wellington connection. Truly amazing. Thanks for your comments, as always! Have a great week, Denise

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